// Animations
@include animation($animation);
@include animation-name($name);
@include animation-duration($duration);
@include animation-timing-function($timing-function);
@include animation-delay($delay);
@include animation-iteration-count($iteration-count);
@include animation-direction($direction);
@include animation-fill-mode($fill-mode);

// Backface visibility
// Prevent browsers from flickering when using CSS 3D transforms.
// Default value is `visible`, but can be changed to `hidden`
@include backface-visibility($visibility);

// Drop shadows
@include box-shadow($shadow...);

// CSS3 Content Columns
@include content-columns($column-count, $column-gap: $grid-gutter-width);

// Optional hyphenation
@include hyphens($mode: auto);

// Placeholder text
@include placeholder($color: $input-color-placeholder);
// Transformations
@include scale($ratio...);
@include scale($ratioX, $ratioY...);
@include scaleX($ratio);
@include scaleY($ratio);
@include skew($x, $y);
@include translate($x, $y);
@include translate3d($x, $y, $z);
@include rotate($degrees);
@include rotateX($degrees);
@include rotateY($degrees);
@include perspective($perspective);
@include perspective-origin($perspective);
@include transform-origin($origin);

// Transitions

@include transition($transition...);
@include transition-property($transition-property...);
@include transition-delay($transition-delay);
@include transition-duration($transition-duration...);
@include transition-timing-function($timing-function);
@include transition-transform($transition...);
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