Videos – Technical

Technical Video Information

Optimal Specifications


Background / Hero Section videos – 5 to 15 seconds preferred. Max 30 seconds.

Content videos – as long as necessary.


Keep Aspect Ratio In Mind

Background / Hero Section videos – 1280px to 1600px

Content videos – 480px to 720px


Background / Hero Section videos – no audio, auto play is available

Content videos – audio as necessary, no auto play

File Type

HandBrake for compression and optimization.

.webm and .mp4 required for all videos.

For the .mp4 use the h.264 codec – Details

For the .webm format there’s 2 codecs to choose from VP8 and VP9. The most promising results have come from dropping the quality from 50 down to 15.

And as far choosing which codec, each has proven itself in different situations. The VP8 provides a smaller file size but does appear to be the first one that looks slightly degraded. It was ideal for the drone footage as the VP9 one was very jittery.

Optimal .webm render settings: 1280×720, 15 Quality, VP8 codec, no audio

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